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On January 17, 2016, an eight-month planning and urban design process arrived at a land use and urban design framework plan for the 103-acre, former GM Stamping Plant and downtown riverfront development in Indianapolis, IN. The framework plan will be integrated into an upcoming request for proposals, guided by the site’s owner and Detroit-based RACER (Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response Trust), to select a master developer for the redevelopment of the former GM Stamping Plant site. The effort was spearheaded by the City of Indianapolis, which turned to a multi-disciplinary consultant team of MKSK, Greenstreet Ltd., HNTB Corporation, Synthesis Incorporated, Catellus, and Engaging Solutions to provide a long-term, ambitious, and market-driven vision built around the City, neighborhood and stakeholder goals. 

A crowd including over 100 enthusiastic residents, business owners, and project stakeholders gathered at the nearby Edison School for the Arts to hear a presentation co-led by MKSK Principal and Indiana Studio Leader, Eric Lucas.  




City Councilman, Jeff Miller, described this process as “a beachhead” for the City of Indianapolis.  The vision for this 103-acre site is guided by the grand opportunity to redevelop a neighborhood that has struggled over the years but sits at the edge of Downtown Indianapolis. 

From Barrier to Bridge

The White River has been a significant physical barrier between the Westside neighborhoods and downtown. Historically, this neighborhood has been disconnected from the rest of downtown which has further hindered redevelopment. Redeveloping a site of this scale can relink the neighborhood, catalyze investment and bridge downtown and the Westside neighborhoods, while also generating interest in other key opportunity sites along the downtown riverfront.  

A New Downtown Riverfront

The redevelopment of the GM site and adjacent riverfront creates opportunities along the White River to promote connectivity between the river and neighborhoods. The urban design vision builds on the critical mass and success of White River State Park with a regional riverfront park and future connections to riverside neighborhoods and destinations.  


An iconic architectural feature and gateway to downtown along the Washington Street/National Road become a destination and visitor attraction, while also connecting the site and a district parking structure to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Strengthened Neighborhood

Connectivity improvements support a blended approach towards mixed-use land that integrates well with the existing Valley Neighborhood. A targeted infill housing strategy for the Valley neighborhood can provide quality and diverse housing opportunities for families

For more information on the project as it develops, visit the project website: GMSP Indy


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