Purdue Announces New Campus Gateway

Purdue Announces New Campus Gateway


Purdue University has announced a new campus gateway at its most prominent entrance: the State Street and Grant Street intersection.

Improved gateways are a key piece of the ongoing Purdue University Master Plan, led by Ayers Saint Gross, with MKSK providing connectivity, open space, and transportation support. This particular gateway will better connect the University to downtown West Lafayette.

“We think with the work on State Street and the work on Chauncey Hill, we think there’s an opportunity, for people coming onto campus, it’s going to be more striking and appealing,” said Amy Noah, Purdue’s VP of Development. “We’re just excited about it.”

MKSK is overseeing the multi-disciplinary team for this improved campus arrival, with our wonderful colleagues at Ayers Saint Gross designing the brick, limestone, and steel gateways. This location further highlights the newly constructed State Street, an outcome of the 2015 MKSK-led project “RE-State: A Master Plan for State Street”.

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