Bike New Albany Plan

Bike New Albany Plan New Albany, Ohio

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Bicycle Planning
Urban Design
Public Engagement
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Chris Hermann
Aron Fraizer


2015 Ohio Chapter ASLA Honor Award in COmmunications + Research

Plan Document

Bike New Albany Plan

Bicycle plan addresses on- and off-street systems for a burgeoning cycling hub community.

In recent years, the City of New Albany has become a cycling hub in Central Ohio, with a growing number of cyclists and cycling clubs using the City's Village Center as a launching point for long rides on the surrounding rural roads. In order to understand how to best accommodate these riders, and further promote cycling in the City, New Albany initiated a bicycle planning effort. MKSK led the Bike New Albany master planning process, combining infrastructure design, education, and policy recommendations and strategies to create a comprehensive, community-wide bicycle plan that promotes ridership for cyclists of all skill levels.

To inform the plan, extensive research was conducted on the most recent trends and best practices in bicycle planning nationwide. Public input was also integral in understanding the cycling community's needs. This was gathered through several means, including a community bike ride in which over 50 residents, mostly families, rode together along a 3-mile route that allowed them to experience different cycling conditions found in New Albany. Throughout the ride, the group stopped and discussed how it felt to ride under these conditions and what types of improvements were needed.


The Bike New Albany Plan proposes a system of on-street cycling infrastructure, including shared roads, sharrows, bike lanes, intersection treatments, and end of ride amenities that are supported with policy and signage recommendations. This creates a complete network that encourages cycling into, out of, and within the city for riders of all skill levels.

One of the key recommendations from the Plan is the Velo Loop. This five-mile, two-way cycle track loop will provide important community connections and will become an iconic feature for the City. MKSK is working closely with the City on the continued implementation of recommendations from the Bike New Albany plan.