Columbus Museum of Art Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics

Columbus Museum of Art Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics Columbus, Ohio

Services Provided

Sign Plan Update
Site Survey
Sign Location Planning
Design Documentation

People Involved

Niels Braam
Darren Meyer

Looking beyond the site to knit the museum campus into the surrounding neighborhood.

As part of the major renovations to the Columbus Museum of Art, MKSK reviewed the existing wayfinding plan that had been started in 2010. Building on what had been started, MKSK updated the plan and incorporated pre-visit information gathering.

MKSK wayfinding analysis focused primarily on the needs of first time visitors and began with recommendations regarding the museum's wayfinding communications on their website. Our exterior wayfinding audit assessed existing signage, looking broadly past the immediate campus and noting opportunities to use and improve the municipal wayfinding to knit the Museum campus into the surrounding neighborhood.


Once wayfinding needs were established, the team engaged in a conceptual design process that explored creative solutions to address these needs, as well as express the new brand identity of the Museum.

MKSK utilized brand elements such as color, typography, and logo to establish the design. Full-scale sign mockups and on-site testing were crucial in solidifying sign design, legibility, size, and placement requirements.