The Ohio State University William Oxley Thompson Library Renovation

The Ohio State University William Oxley Thompson Library Renovation Columbus, Ohio

Services Provided

Landscape Architecture
Campus Planning
Construction Documents

People Involved

Karen McCoy
Darren Meyer
John Petrushka

Ohio State's signature landmark and grounds get an update while respecting history and tradition.

The William Oxley Thompson Library is the principal library on the main campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Thompson Library plays a significant role in defining the University's overall identity ñ it is the landmark anchoring the west end of "The Oval," the historic college green at the center of the campus. As part of a multi-year renovation and new construction project, the pedestrian and vehicular connections to the library were re-evaluated and strengthened with the goal of highlighting the library as the prominent structure within the confines of the University's landmark Oval pathway.

The overall challenge was incorporating new elements while preserving existing ones, like large trees and utilities, and respecting the historic and symbolic significance of the site. The redesign of the plaza where a statue of William Oxley Thompson stands, created a new front door for students on the buildingís eastern elevation. There was close collaboration among the design team to integrate the building program into the site, while providing overall site planning and design development services.


Design direction to realign a major thoroughfare to provide space for the west side expansion of the Library and exterior terraces and completing the form of the Oval has enhanced the building's presence within this signature campus space.