Reedy River Redevelopment Area and Unity Park

Reedy River Redevelopment Area and Unity Park Greenville, South Carolina

Services Provided

Focus Area Planning
Urban Park Design
Community Engagement
Construction Documentation

People Involved

Darren Meyer
Brett Marsengill
Andrew Overbeck
John Woods



Integrating public park design with neighborhood planning, to create sustainable solutions with an immediate positive impact.

Located just west of the vibrant downtown of Greenville, South Carolina, the neighborhoods of Southernside and West Greenville have a rich history of textile industry and a vibrant culture of neighborhood life and civic activism. In response to increasing development interest and in keeping with decades of study of the Reedy River corridor, MKSK was selected by the City of Greenville to provide an action-oriented plan to create great public spaces and align the trajectory of future development with the goals of the community.

With the Reedy River running through the heart of the 350-acre study area, MKSK is taking a multi-faceted approach to neighborhood development: development of a signature unity park, complemented by an affordable housing strategy and form-based code to guide surrounding development. This approach ensures that not only the park but the adjacent neighborhoods around it will reflect the community's values and vision.

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Leading a team of design, engineering, and policy experts from around the country, MKSK is continuing the Greenville tradition of high quality public space and public life in the urban neighborhoods of the west side.